What our customers have to say…

Curt Wells, Jerry’s Tire Co. (Lake Odessa, MI)
As far as I’m concerned they can take the 5,000 gallon tank out and replace it all with Rim Guard®. The men like it because it doesn’t burn their hands and doesn’t shrink or destroy their leather shoes or gloves.The cost of operation with Rim Guard® is much better since it doesn’t rust out the service trucks like Calcium Chloride did. The faster everyone switches to Rim Guard® the better for the dealer, user and environment.We have piles of new rims for our customers since the Calcium & Magnesium Chlorides rust out the metal. That won’t happen with Rim Guard®.

Jim Fennessy (Berrien Co., MI)
I had blisters on my hands working with Calcium Chloride. It cleared up after switching to the Rim Guard® product. I no longer sell the Calcium Chloride. I serviced 30 of an orchard’s tractors to remove Calcium Chloride and fill them back up with Rim Guard® for environmental reasons. Farmers like it because it washes right off if there is a leak.

Mike Heinrich, farmer (Webberville, MI)
I love that it is safe to handle for people and safe around livestock. I have Rim Guard® in all 4 tractors. Rim Guard® is also heavier then Calcium Chloride and it cleans up easy.

Joe, Willies Tire (Homer, MI)
Since 1996, everyone has been happy with Rim Guard®. It cleans up easy and doesn’t destroy the lawns if there is a puncture. Since it doesn’t rust the trucks, I get much more service life.
Steve, Division Tire & Battery (Dowagiac, MI)
One day, my cell phone fell into a container of Rim Guard®. I thought it was finished. But I rinsed it off and it worked. I’m still using it today.

Carl Thiel, Heritage Tire & Service Co (Chesaning, MI)
I don’t have to put in as much Rim Guard® to equal as much Calcium Chloride in weight. It’s heavier then CaCl and excellent with compact and subcompact tractors. No one has ever said it froze in the winter. People also like that there are no problems with spills.

Brian Clark, Clarks Mobile Tire (Imlay City, MI)
Farmers know about the weight-difference advantage. Rim Guard® gave the business a super boost to service sales. I also saved a large amount of money since we no longer have equipment and truck damage.